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Aubrey De Grey was one of the presenters that weekend.

There were a total of seven people taking a road trip from beautiful British Columbia to Portland to attend talks hosted by the Institute for Evidence Based Cryonics.  When we heard of the symposiums:  Introduction to Rejuvenation Biotechnologies and Human Cryopreservation; and Resuscitation and Reintegration of Cryonics Patients, we knew we had to make the trip.  Some of us were stoked to meet Aubrey De Grey in person, and others stoked to learn more about cryonics from prominent figures such as Max More and Ben Best.  Lifespan's Executive Director, Keegan Macintosh, was travelling down to give a talk on the legal and logistical considerations of cryonics patients.  We were all brought together by a mutual interest in the science behind cryonics.  

Fun in the sun along the seawall.

The Lifespan Society of BC was effective in pulling together like-minded people to attend this cool event, although attempting to organize a road trip for seven people was not always straightforward.   We managed to pull everything together and fill my entire car for the road trip.  A good rule of thumb: the more people you try to organize on a road trip, the harder it becomes.  It was all worth it though, because we all had an amazing experience and became best friends for a few days.  Our trip was also very cost effective; we took my fuel efficient car (2008 Yaris) and rented an entire house with Air Bnb to house six of us.

Some interesting sights from our drive including this guy on a bike pulling along his drum set.

Some fine dining experiences, I had a hemp burger at Bagdad Restaurant while this street musician performed right outside the patio of this restaurant.  The burger was actually pretty good, I wasn't sure how it would turn out but I was willing to take a stab at it (no pun intended).

We got to meet Aubrey de Grey, but I was too shy to say much to him. (that's not me in the pic)

Dr. Max More presenting at the Cleaners at Ace Hotel.

I would go into more details about the symposium presentations, but it might just be better to join us next year.


-Carrie Wong

Social Media Coordinator