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The Fractal Brain Theory by Wai H. Tsang was a well-received talk.

The Lifespan society hosts its 4th movie night, this time showcasing some pretty far-out ideas in neuroscience. Although it was basically a guy lecturing in a room for almost 2 hours, it was surprisingly compelling; if only our university classes could be as interesting. Several members were with Wai Tsang’s "New Agey” interpretation of major religions in the world, while other members (one with a background in neuroscience) were not impressed with his lack of scientific rigor or expertise. My take on the documentary is that he presents a series of interesting and creative ideas about the brain/mind that can be tested.It’s hard not to be swayed by Wai’s enthusiasm, charisma and bold claims. Even if he ends up being proven wrong, at least we have more and more people thinking about various aspects of consciousness in different ways. People will say that the number of scientists currently living today outnumber all of the scientists in all of human history. The same thing can be said for philosophers, especially with the advent of the internet, more and more thinkers can connect easily while in the past the barriers for intellectual entry were much higher as most of the population had no access to intellectual resources or were even literate.

This is your brain on fractals...

Robert H. Lustig, M.D. delivers talk "Sugar: The Bitter Truth”

Last movie night (Feb. 16), we watched a documentary on the negative health effects of increased sugar consumption in the modern era. So basically Lifespan likes to showcase an eclectic selection of media which covers health, technology, neuroscience and future-orientated topics. There is a definite social aspect to movie nights; members stay after the movie to discuss its contents from different perspectives. However, if sitting down for hours in a dark room is not your type of scene, Lifespan BC hosts regular hikes in various places all over the lower mainland. We have gone up Burnaby Mountain, across Lynn Canyon (Lynn Valley) and traversed Lighthouse Park (West Vancouver).

We are planning many more events in the future and we hope to see you there.


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