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After weeks of work we had over 150 people show up for a picture in our UV Photo Booth at the Vancouver Mini-Maker Faire this year.  This is our first time presenting this booth to the public and it was well-received.  We had a preview screen so people could see their photos right after we took them and they had the option of entering their email address to get a higher resolution picture.

The UV Photo shows how protected our skin is against the sun.  If sunscreen was applied the person appeared darker in the UV Photo because the UV light was unable to penetrate the skin.  The photo also showed light patches were people missed the application of sunscreen.  Some people had darker skin and the UV Photo showed how naturally protected they are against the sun as they appeared darker in the UV photo.  I was impressed that nearly half of you were wearing sun screen.  However, most people forgot to reapply it because there were light spots where the sunscreen had begun to wear away.  Most sunscreen wears off within 3-4 hours.

For people not wearing sunscreen that day, the UV Photo was able to show past or recent sun damage.  The skin damaged by the sun also shows up darker than undamaged skin.  UV light penetrates the skin more than visible light so scars and freckles are highlighted that may not be visible.  It was interesting how people with glasses and hats showed up in UV Photos; the photo clearly showed which parts of their faces were covered or not.  People who had recently been burned had darker UV Photos than people who hadn't.

We had a few participates describe their UV Photos as "Zombie Photos”, here’s my "Zombie” pic.

Here at the Lifespan Society we're focused on keeping up on the latest ways to stay healthy because we plan on enjoying life for a long time. I hope to see you soon at one of our upcoming activities.

Lifespan at Terra Nova Hike

Carrie a posted May 1, 14

Lifespan members show up for the first hike of the spring. They say April showers (but may flowers) and we expected rain but we were pleasantly surprised to have encountered sunshine the entire duration of the walk. Terra Nova Rural Park has beautiful views of the city, airport and tidal estuary. Vancouver weather is puzzling sometimes and I actually had to bring sunglasses and an umbrella, but I was glad to have only had to use my sunglasses.

After our walk we had a nice lunch indoors while it started to rain (good timing). We ended up discussing bitcoin taxes and soylent. One of our members will be among the first people in the entire country to receive Soylent meal replacement. We’re all curious about how it will turn out for him.

Anyways, I hope we can catch you at our next event (facebook or meetup).


-Carrie Wong

Executive Director

Super Cool Cryonics Party

Carrie a posted Mar 24, 14

Cryonics is one area of radical life extension that Lifespan BC provides information on.  We hosted the first "Super Cool Cryonics Party” in Vancouver on a Saturday evening and tried to get everyone to wear blue.  Within this casual setting, we provided information about the basic science of cryonics and answered any questions people had.  Our turnout from the Less Wrong or Vancouver Rationalist Group was pretty high, a number of their philosophies overlap with ours.  Keegan, Luke and I are all Alcor members but we provided information about all the cryonics providers in the states and how to fund the procedure.  The providers we briefly went over: Alcor Life Extension Foundation, Cryonics Institute and the new Oregon Cryonics.  We also quickly covered Suspended Animation.

After the information meeting we headed to James’ place to make liquid nitrogen ice-cream.  It was a blast and we learned about the chemical properties of nitrogen and made delicious ice-cream.  We also shattered a few objects like a banana peel.  You can watch a short video of this process on youtube.

The ice-cream turned out really well, better than I thought it would be; it was very even and smooth and creamy.  We hope to host more social events like this in the future, so you can find us on or facebook.

Aubrey De Grey was one of the presenters that weekend.

There were a total of seven people taking a road trip from beautiful British Columbia to Portland to attend talks hosted by the Institute for Evidence Based Cryonics.  When we heard of the symposiums:  Introduction to Rejuvenation Biotechnologies and Human Cryopreservation; and Resuscitation and Reintegration of Cryonics Patients, we knew we had to make the trip.  Some of us were stoked to meet Aubrey De Grey in person, and others stoked to learn more about cryonics from prominent figures such as Max More and Ben Best.  Lifespan's Executive Director, Keegan Macintosh, was travelling down to give a talk on the legal and logistical considerations of cryonics patients.  We were all brought together by a mutual interest in the science behind cryonics.  

Fun in the sun along the seawall.

The Lifespan Society of BC was effective in pulling together like-minded people to attend this cool event, although attempting to organize a road trip for seven people was not always straightforward.   We managed to pull everything together and fill my entire car for the road trip.  A good rule of thumb: the more people you try to organize on a road trip, the harder it becomes.  It was all worth it though, because we all had an amazing experience and became best friends for a few days.  Our trip was also very cost effective; we took my fuel efficient car (2008 Yaris) and rented an entire house with Air Bnb to house six of us.

Some interesting sights from our drive including this guy on a bike pulling along his drum set.

Some fine dining experiences, I had a hemp burger at Bagdad Restaurant while this street musician performed right outside the patio of this restaurant.  The burger was actually pretty good, I wasn't sure how it would turn out but I was willing to take a stab at it (no pun intended).

We got to meet Aubrey de Grey, but I was too shy to say much to him. (that's not me in the pic)

Dr. Max More presenting at the Cleaners at Ace Hotel.

I would go into more details about the symposium presentations, but it might just be better to join us next year.


-Carrie Wong

Social Media Coordinator

The Lifespan Society takes great interest in any "Blue Zone” areas which are places where the average population live healthier and longer lives than the average North American.  One example of a Blue Zone is the Loma Linda community located in the urban sprawl of Southern California. The Seventh-day Adventists who live in this community live 5-10 years longer than average. 

As a part of the Lifespan BC Lifestyle and Longevity speaking series, we invited  Ketti Goudey, M.S. to enlighten us on how the Loma Linda community has managed to live longer and stay healthier.   Ketti Goudey, MS Dietetics did her internship and masters degree at Loma Linda University. Her international work experience included hospital, business, public health, consulting, and education.

Ketti giving her lifestyle presentation.

This speaking series is being hosted by LifeSpan B.C. in partnership with West Vancouver Whole Foods market.  The turnout was successful with about twelve showing up and filling the available space that Whole Foods generously provided.

Ketti managed to distill her vast experiences into a digestible format (no pun intended).  She suggested a plant-based diet, keeping a healthy weight, exercise, and keeping stress levels low.  Specifically she suggests eating nuts, legumes, beans and whole grains as a great source of protein as well as the usual fruits and vegetables. The impetus to volunteer within the Loma Linda community keeps everyone connected and social.  Ketti stresses the importance of having a sanctuary in time to decompress and de-stress and a community to fall back on emotionally.

To complete her presentation, Ketti demonstrated how to make a "Haystack” which is a popular snack among her community.  We all sampled the Haystack and it was so good I went back for seconds.  I’m pretty sure most of us did.


For more information on the Adventist lifestyle:


To watch Ketti’s presentation on youtube.

I hope to see you all in our next event,

-Carrie Wong

Social Media Coordinator

Thanks to Globalme for supporting our event by providing projection equipment.